Famous people who fooled you with their real accent.

Brian Marwood

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Cillian Murphy, just listened to him on Desert Island Discs and I was shocked by his broad Irish accent.

He guess his name should have been a clue but I genuinely thought he was a Brummie.

I been fooled.
Tony Cozier.

One of the great cricket commentators, fantastic accent. But I only found out he was white on his death.
Callum Turner. Hadn’t heard him speak until after I’d watched Masters of the Air.

A lot of the actors in Band of Brothers were English and in the Pacific a lot are Australian but there’s no bad accents in either.
Some good accents in game of thrones. Peter Dinklage is American isn't he?

And the lass who played Jon Snow's bit of rough (and is married to Kit Harrington). She practically speaks the King's English in real life.
David Jason
I'll second David Jason .. although surprise isn't the right word .. I'm so used to hearing him as Del Boy - it always catches me out when he's just being him ..

Can put Ronnie Barker in that category too .. I've watched Porridge a million times over the years so hearing him speak as anything but Fletch knocks me sideways a little bit ..
One for the teenagers. Jean Alexander aka Hilda Ogden. Complete poshknocker when appearing on This Is Your Life etc.