"Every neutral fan wanted Forest to stay up"

I did! And as they’re my local team, I’m not really neutral! Couldn’t get a ticket today but at least I’ll get to watch some live Premier League football next year- when it doesn’t clash with the Boro of course! You Reds/UTB!😜
Based on the fact that they might not be as strong in the Championship as Everton, Leeds or Leicester, I wanted them down.
Leicester, Leeds, Everton - any two of them plus Southampton. I would expect two of those teams to take the auto promotion spots. Would have preferred Forest to come down.
I'm no fan of Forest and definitely not one of Cooper, but I did admire the club's balls when they backed him at christmas time when they looked dead and buried. Most other clubs have jumped on the sack barrow.

Not sure that was balls as much as the owner seeing the massive backlash building when the rumours he was about to be sacked came out.