England U21 v Serbia U21

Unbelievable performance this. Scoring 9 against Malta or wan Marino is one thing but against a decent footballing nation like Serbia is something else
hackney still stood out as one of our best players in that u21 team. future looks bright for england for a long time.
I can see the fee for Hackney going up around a Million £'s every 10 minutes. He looks very very comfortable at that level. In fact he stands out.
Hope we go up and keep him.
With good technical players around him he fits right in and looks even better . We need to keep improving as a club and get a higher standard of player around Hackney to keep him . He could be our declan rice and worth a fortune in years to come
We will struggle to hold on to Hackney after that performance .
DM sat in front of the centre halves and ran the game .
Outstanding performance , reminded me of Kalvin Phillips at his best .
The big boys will be lining up for him , I hope we can keep him , his value will go to £20m+ after that . Stood out along side the top young lads , and they constantly looked for him as the outlet, and he didn't disappoint . Well done Hayden .
Just fantastic footbal to watch. A young England side, playing superb football. Hackney was very good, but Lewis and Elliot will have caught the eye more for neutrals. The future looks bright for the international team.
Wouldn’t surprise me to see Hayden fast tracked into the full England team. Apart from Rice (£105M) there are not many players who can play the disciplined defensive midfield role, hence Henderson still in the squad. Him and Lewis could play in central midfield for years to come. (y)