Dan Barlaser not for sale!

Every player has a price.

According to the Daily Mail we've had a 900k bid rejected and despite initial encouragement from Rotherham they say he's not for sale.

He's not signing a new deal but not kicking up a fuss to move.

The way I see it is, he'll probsbly end up here in the summer If we remain in the championship. If we end up in the PL I'd imagine the club would have more PL ready targets and he'd no longer be on the list.

Will he force the move before the end of the window? Or stay put.

Ardon Jashiri's name mentioned in midweek. I'd imagine he's a target for both scenarios at his askin
Just arguing about the price.

No opinion either way on whether we should be recruiting him, I can't say I've ever seen him play?
They won't pay Rotherham 3M but maybe he and his agent would want that as a signing on fee
Blackpool we’re said to be interested and they went elsewhere.. gotta strike when the iron is hot with these things! Where is he moving to in the summer and for what money?

See also Daniel Ayala
It's funny how some think we can do 'better'. I've only seen the guy a couple of times but looks decent. Also a good age and champo experienced. No messing around 'getting used to the league' etc.

The best recommendations we can have is the response of Rotherham fans. Laughing at our offer and saying how good he is. They see him every week. Just remember Crooks cost 1mil.

Yet dross like Payero (yup I'm saying he's a waste of money) and Saville cost 4-7mil.

If he was from UTD U23s or called Dan De La Barlaser we'd have fans searching out 17 sec YouTube clips and raving about him 😂.