Claims Akpom has gone for 2.5 million Euros


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I'd say getting anything back is decent enough. We usually let our cr*p forwards run down contracts and leave for nothing.

So this is definitely a result👍. Although it leaves us with one actual No9 who's best scoring season is 6. That's not a pop... I like the look of him and offers more in terms of our style. We can't expect him to suddenly become a goal machine at 26.

I'm assuming we have one and arguably 2 forwards linked up. We definitely need a like for like back up for Uche. We already look a bit lost when he goes off (all be it in friendlies)


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Outstanding business

still a loss, but amazing that anyone looks at a forward like Akpom and thinks “he’s exactly what we are missing”

probably needs to drop down a few levels to prosper and I guess going abroad achieves the same goal but with similar wages
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Only making a slight loss on what's turned out to be a poor signing would be a decent outcome.

Just hasn't worked for him here, but it always seemed a strange signing.


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Definitely a 'strange' signing. We wanted Moore and failed and went for Akpom. Totally different players yet expected Akpom to play that role.

The sheer amount of goal kicks launched forward needed an actual target man. I think Akpom and Britt were asked to play a role neither were suited at. Big Uche and maybe Smith are perfectly suited.


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I’m gobsmacked we have got anything for him to be honest.

I wish him well but I’m glad he is gone

As said above we need to get a move on and get two in now… not great with less than a week until the season starts

hopefully whoever comes in can hit the ground running and not take 2 months to get fit


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A bizarre signing. It was obvious by his record that he would barely score. It's great business we've managed to get anything for him.

I've seen a few people saying that we didn't play to his strengths, but I honestly couldn't tell you what strengths he had?

As someone said above, I'll forget that he ever played for us soon enough.