Chuba Akpom


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Excellent news as he clearly will not fit here.
Good luck to him out there, he did pretty well on his last mission.

Yeah wish nothing bad on him he’s just not good enough for us unfortunately. Hopefully the couple more strikers we bring in do the business and are more suited. I think Ikpeazu is promising so far although it’s early days of course


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Made my day with this news. Akpom’s signing was a bit desperate at the time i thought. We needed a striker but he did not fit the type Warnock wanted. They gambled. Shame it didn’t work out and I hope he kick starts his career in Turkey. Watch him score a few in the Champions League now 😁


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Tbf he came and played during lockdown with no crowds , barely any fan interaction or massive welcome , warnock certainly never built him up and clearly wasnt a fan. Lad probs never felt loved.
Also, He probs one of those that needs pressure of crowds or atmosphere to perform at his best.