Boris to tell over 50s to lockdown..

I’m one in this category- but fortunate. Worked from home since February and the likelihood is this will be my norm. Continuing on my normal salary I am able to save a lot monthly. Having underlying health issues I have to accept this is my life for the foreseeable future. However I realise and appreciate my situation is a lot better than others- so I do have to appreciate this.


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If you have elderly parents/grandparents who you dont mind loosing, please ignore the lockdown
Sadly I’ll bet there are one or two around the country (certainly not suggesting anyone on here btw) who may think hmmm, inheritance, kerching!! There are some selfish humans about unfortunately.


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Communication trick, government want to look as though they are doing something through these briefings. The reality is it is left to the individual and local public health officials to take the necessary action. I'm over 50 and will continue doing what I have been doing to stay safe. Perhaps I'll follow the Dominic Cummings 'common sense' guide to any specific government request?!