Boris Johnson referred to Police over additional rule breaking

So didn’t someone check his diary the last times he was investigated, how much extra is this going to cost?
I wonder who is behind all of this witch hunting? It has to be a Tory.
Fishi Sunak?
Snort Gove?
Brat Hanc#ck?
Feels like a colossal waste of Met Police time to me. The first fixed penalty cost him his job and rightly so. If it doesn’t get him a ban for long enough to make a recall petition possible the second won’t. 160 quid for the second isn’t it? And how much to decide whether he’s due?

Still, I suppose if it stops a Met officer raping and murdering someone or shooting a dog on a lead for being “out of control” because the owner has given him some lip, it’ll be a result for the good folk of the metropolis.
Sounds like Boris gave access of his diary to his Lawyers and they found potential breaches and they felt duty bound to inform the cabinet office

It's hardly much comfort but shows what a scum bag he is
Exactly this. It really is a rather lovely irony. Robert Peston explains it well so I won't try...
Hoist upon his own petard.

Oh dear poor Bozza.