Billy Eilish at Glastonbury


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The only two acts I enjoyed tonight were Phoebie Bridgers and Sam Fender.

Watched St. Vincent earlier and I just didn’t get it, sounded terrible.


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What am I watching right now- Rufus. Worlds g one f mad.
Is the doddery oc headiner on tomorrow?

Is this the poorest Glasto yet in terms of headliners?


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Crowded House???????
F Crowded House were no f good when they were good. Bit like J H Jazz. Crowds trying to pretend they are awake. Mental waste of hey now! They look like they've been in my wardrobe. F rubbish.
Why not whack a little kid over the head with a guitar to prove your old and useless.
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Didn’t bother with her performance. The Pyramid was rammed. I went to Foals headlining Other. Brilliant.

My highlight of the day. Wet Leg at a rammed Park Stage.


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Just watched Billy Eilish's set and enjoyed it. Glastonbury first night headliner should always be an odd one. Those saying they couldn't understand her singing, but enjoyed Sam Fender must have hearing 1000 times better than mine.