Best ever away fans at the Riverside?

Frozen Horse

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I'm not sure you can say the away support is particularly good when they only brought 1600. Fair play to them their support was decent enough but nowhere near the best we've had at the riverside.

Its funny how you get used to very poor away support when 1600 seems a good number. We took almost 4 times that to deepdale last season.

I think numbers is only a small part of it.

Sunderland probably brought the most fans this season, but they meekly surrendered. Their team showed more passion than their fans.

It not enough just to be there.

I think Barrow brought the largest following, and they were pretty loud, but it became obvious that they really did have 1 song, at least only 1 song that more than 10% of the crowd knew.


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Still got two big ones to come + 2 others this season, Burnely who apparently ( according to someone on here) have sold all their tickets for our fixture and Coventry who will sell all their tickets for the last regular match this season. Norwich might have bought 2000 if it wasn't moved to a. Friday night, and Hull who might bring 200 or 2000 for a midweek match.

Hull's owner pays for the coaches so their supporters can travel to all away games for free. That might add one or two.

You never know with Hull some seasons they bring a few hundred other seasons they fill the away end


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Birmingham were very loud in the league cup one year. Pollock missed a one on one in the final minute. Lost the replay.

Think they caused a bit of bother in the navigation before the match.