Best ever away fans at the Riverside?


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Seen a few comments saying PNE today are the best away fans people have ever seen at the Riverside - obviously this will depend on how many games and how long people have been going.

What are everyone's thoughts?

The standout one for me was Cardiff in the 2008 FA cup game, they were outrageously loud and constantly vocal.


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Best ever? Banik Ostrava. And it’s not even close.

Banik were insane, it was like nothing we’d ever witnessed before!

I remember Everton in the League Cup quarters at the Riverside (0-2) being loud and none stop. Spurs always travel in numbers and loud as well.


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Everton for me. Couldn’t hear any Boro chants at all during the match as they sung their hearts out from before kick off till the final whistle - best I’ve seen at the Riverside.


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Yeah they were good but best ever, no chance. They were silent from the first goal through to about 70 minutes. Reminded me of us last year at Deepdale.


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Nowhere close. I liked the fact they came in numbers and found their voice at the end, but the were generally quiet. All the bigger northern teams tend to be the loudest, and as said above Ostrava were the most interesting