Back in Middlesbrough

Someone, usually you keeps posting this nonsense.

To correct your facts, Labour have been in charge of Middlesbrough for 5 years out of the last 22, Dave Budd 4 years and Chris Cooke 1 year, the rest of the time it was ran by independent mayors (Preston 4 years and Ray Mallon 12) out of the 5 years Labour have been in charge we've had a Tory government with an austerity agenda.

The thing that you also appear to be complaining about is the shops that are actually open, rather then the empty buildings, unsure if you would prefer more empty and less open, you don't make that very clear.

Town centres right across the country are struggling, something to so with the internet, maybe we should all stop using it?

Great post
Sadly it will make no difference to the original posters views
Apologies, I didn’t mean to offend. I love this place, it’s sad to see. Genuinely just an inquiry into what’s going on, I saw the Crown fenced over and doesn’t look like anyone’s working to renovate it.

I live in Liverpool.
It's certainly improved dramatically. I remember when you could only walk along Hope Street if you wore an ironic smile.
Towns at the sharp end of every single budget that was cut by the government, one of the highest poverty levels, highest levels of crime etc. it’s really hard to see a way back for the town from its current state unless things drastically change
It used to be a cinema upstairs. The seats weren't removed when it became a pub/club venue. Some amateur ghost hunters went inside and took photos after it closed in 2015, the Gazette published an article about it
Did they find anything