Are we in a relegation fight

I wouldn't say so.

QPR will lose, so we'd still be 9 points above the drop with a game in hand.
Not really, no. We’re going to miss out on the playoffs imho now. But that’s an extreme view given by the OP.

Chronic injuries and missing out on a striker have derailed our season - that’s all there is to it.
I don't think we are, but if we lost to Stoke, Wednesday and QPR then I'd worry due to their ability to climb closer to us with those 9 points lost.

Carrick took on a team playing like this in the last days of Wilder. I do trust him to rescue the season, as we can clearly see that the club have bought a mid-table squad and so that's where they should be finishing.
We’ll do enough not to be concerned, but I expect the season to continue exactly the same way. A uplifting win, followed by awful performances and inevitable defeats.
I actually think we are. And I think the mindset needs to change. Look at our results this year. We are running at a point a game. Have dropped work terrible points. And our injuries are probably now even more impactful - Fry, Howson and Hackney.

Where do people see the wins coming? Everyone we play is in a fight of some sort. We have to tighten up and get a bit of fight in our belly. Who has that in the current team?

I wish I was as optimistic as others but I can see us being dragged down into without really realising we are in it.

Next week terrifies me. We never get anything there. Horrible place to go. Norwich will be tough and then what promises to be a kamikaze derby against QPR - goals galore in that one I think.
We could be uncomfortably close to it come the international break, our next 3 away matches are against teams below us , I feel if we get 3 PTS from one of them and a draw against one of the two home teams before then we are will have just enough to get us through a very difficult run in, if we don't I m still sure we will not get dragged into it, Ibut I know in my time in watching football one team.occassionally comes from nowhere to get relegated, The teams below us who we play paying will be certainly looking at our form and seeing us a potential team they will get 3 PTS off and drag us into the mix.
Good god.

It's not exactly a ridiculous question.

We're 9 points above the drop and 6 of our next 8 matches are against the teams below us in the table.
In the scenario where we lost to Stoke, at least one of those teams has narrowed the gap to 6 points.

We're decent enough away from home that I think we'll be fine, but we're performing absolutely terribly at home and it could be a more nervous situation than it needs to be.

I think we'll beat Stoke though.