Anyone fancy a dip in the sea?


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I agree that it is supposed to be treated before being released into the waterways. or being of no other way of disposing of it.
I was pointing out the fact that the sewerage that is being released around the UK at the moment
isn't treated and that it also includes all the chemicals and junk that I mentioned.
However, even when treated, it is done so with the use of chemicals such as chlorine and acids.
I'm sure the creatures and plant life that exist in the oceans and waterways are none too pleased about that.

We also seem to forget about the amount of jettisoned fuel over the oceans or the run off of chemicals, fertiliser and pesticides used in agriculture
as well as fire retardants that make their way to the waterways, more so these days due to floods and bushfires that the world is experiencing.
It can't go on forever without dire consequences.
Plus micro plastics from everything we waste too, all into the food chain while we slowly poison ourselves