Anyone booked a holiday abroad next year?


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Ours has been carried over from this year to next.
Croatia at the beginning September and I'm probably 50% confident about it going ahead at the moment.


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Booked an apartment for 3 weeks over Easter in Tenerife. Free cancellation until 24th January so will decide then whether to book flights etc.


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Of course. There’s no way you won’t be able to go on holiday next year, if it wasn’t for the current lockdown preventing it and the impracticality of quarantining when you get back you could go on holiday now as some countries are still open to Brits. I full expect come Easter next year, anyone that wants a vaccine will be able to have one. Such will be the testing capacity you will probably be able to have a test before flying too. I’ve had to roll over some of my holidays from this year but I’ll be fishing in Norway, Canada, Rodrigues Island (Mauritius) and South Africa. The girlfriend will have to accept a few nights away in this country as I don’t have any more leave 😬 If I do lose my job I’ll probably have a gap year and go to some more countries as I keep my staff travel for 2 years regardless.


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Had a week in Majorca rolled over for the May half term. I feel 75% confident in it going ahead; I bet that the insurance will be higher this time around, though!


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We've booked our holiday for France next year and paid for the Euro Tunnel. When booking they told us we can move our dates at any point with no added cost.

We managed to get away this year and hopefully the world will have a better understanding of the pandemic by the summer .
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The Card Cheat

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We've booked for next year. Got a really cheap deal. As long as its cancelled at least two weeks before we go we'd only lose the deposit. Which was one pound!


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Med Cruise in July carried over from this year. I'm 75% confident it'll go ahead but hoping the mask situation is more relaxed by then. We're prepared to get vaccine if available.


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3 week Orlando Disney holiday carried over from this August to next August. Also booked a week in Spain in half term week in May with the kids using this years carried over holidays. - Very confident about both going ahead to be honest. Also booked a fortnight in Greece in June 2022 for a wedding.

This year we used our theme park passes which were extended due to covid over the summer holidays at alton towers, legoland and the like for long weekends away and made the best of a bad situation, they've just been extended again for another month so we'll probably have some time visiting them again over the easter holidays.


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Not yet but the second that vaccine starts its journey into my blood stream I will be using my phone in the other hand and booking one.

Artie Fufkin

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we haven't boked anything yet, but i'd lke to think would can get away at the beginning of May for our 10th wedding anniversary which was in May this year. Mr's Fufkin's 50th in December is also a write-off so that will take place next year all being well. Then we should really be visiting family in the states next year too, but that's quite a lot of holidays and i dont know whether or not annual leave in a new job or indeed finances will allow, let alone anything C19 related which may put a dampener on those ideas. TBC