Neil Warnock looked ahead to the trip to Derby and hopefully an opportunity to bounce back from the big disappointment of home defeat to 10 men QPR. I asked Neil about the part the away fans could play this season. Could it make a big difference from the empty stadia of last campaign?

Fly: After the Fulham experience are you looking forward to playing before the away fans again?
You know Robert, you get the hardcore, don't you? And they are always a bit loopy aren't they? I think it helps that and the noise that they generate and they don't shut up.

At Fulham second half, I thought they got us through second half, Rob, if I am honest. You know we had been under the cosh first half and they were super. Second half, when Tav come on, they could sense there was something going on.. That last 20 minutes I thought we dominated the match and had some good chances. And I thought that was down to them really. So, I am hoping they get behind us..

Because Derby is another ground where I have had a bit of bad luck over the years, you know. We got snowed off and I think the sun was about 25 degrees. And then Gary Rowett tells me last year he got it off, which really helps me.

So, I have had some bad luck there over the years, last year we played quite well but ended up losing. I hope we can go there and give a good account of ourselves.

Fly: Hopefully with having the fans back a big, noisy travelling contingent can be our twelfth man. It could make a big difference, couldn't it?
Absolutely, yes, because I can't see us not taking a full amount wherever we go me, because some of the numbers we seem to sell... I think it is amazing.

And I go round with my bloody bin bag, or whatever they call it, don't I? Bum bag or what have you. You know my fashionable one. They keep giving me these photos that I sign for the kids, now the grown ups want them. I had to give a granny one the other day. She was older than me!

(I laughed a lot at this point).

Fly: Thanks very much Neil.

So, can Boro cause problems for Wayne Rooney's Derby and can we be the team to take the wheels off a club that appears to be defying the odds with results on the pitch and even just surviving off it?
Come On Boro and Up The Boro