Massive disappointment for Boro fans after another defeat at Reading. Now Boro must look to regroup and bounce back tonight again Sheffield United at the Riverside. Kick off 7.45pm.
Boro have just 2 wins this season and are languishing down in 18th place, a far cry from what everyone hoped would be a victorious final season from Neil Warnock. Tonight sees us go against his former club and after a torrid start to life back in the Championship the Blades have started to flash again. Five games undefeated, including two straight wins has seen Slavisa Jokanovic side leapfrog Boro. They will be looking to kick on with their sites set on a quick return to the Premier League. Boro must put a spoke in that wheel tonight and start rebuilding confidence that we can yet turn out season around. Maybe following Sheffield United's example.
Here is my short interview with Neil Warnock, as final questioner at yesterday's pre match ZOOM press conference.

Fmttm: There was real disappointment from the away end at Reading yet we were all still behind you til the end. We are going to need that on Tuesday aren't we. It is going to be a big game?

If I am honest Rob I know you are always going to get an element but I think the majority of fans are with us. I think they know it is not an easy time at the moment to manage the club. You have to be careful what you wish for sometimes. I just think that we've got a group of players that are very, very good, they know they are giving it all. I think fans will accept that if they do. Even with 10 men on the other day and the goalie coming up, the noise was fabulous wasn't it behind that goal. So, I can't knock that and that is what drives me on Rob, if I am honest. If I thought the majority of people weren't behind me then its a different ball game. I have come here to help the club and I know just by talking to people I meet and everything that they are all behind me. They all want us do well. So, that's what I've got to do.

Fmttm: You think we need a break. Stop conceding those soft goals. Stick the ball in the net, as you have said today. It sounds simple..

And a bit of luck, Rob. I don't think we have had much luck really this season to say the number of games we have played. I don't think much has dropped for us or a decision going for us, really. So, we have just got to make our own luck and keep going and believing...

They are a good group, Rob. If they were not a good group I would be concerned but they are. So, I've got to try and get the best out of them I can, however I can. And find the formula.

Fmttm: You say good group, we have some real talent here don't we?

We have. We have got Dael Fry who has been superb and then he loses concentration for 5 seconds against Blackpool and he gets turned with the centre half. It is not Dael Fry that, I don't understand it and he didn't understand it. And little things like that you would bank on it, you would put your life on him defending that situation. So, it isn't easy for a manager when I see goals like that and I know that they are not doing it on purpose, I know that but we have just got to get together now like we have done and make sure we try and find a formula.