At the end of the press conference this morning I put a few questions to manager Neil Warnock ahead of the long trip to South Wales.

Q: Last week – you talked about backs to the wall and all needing to pull together – we all did that with great success. I suppose it shows how quickly things can be transformed, do you think?

Yes, I think. You know, you're a fan Rob, fans do change sort of every 90 minutes don't they. We are either relegated or we are going for promotion in the space of 90 minutes. It isn't as simple as that but I think with the tools at our disposal we haven't done bad. You can say on the school report, could do better. Because we all know that we should have had another 8 or 9 points easily this season. That is the frustrating thing. But I can't fault the lads and I think talking to the fans I've met Rob they are delighted at the amount effort and everything they've put in in these difficult circumstances. I only get, give them my best etc when I am out and about. And so its good and by gum we will need them this week. 650, all that way, Rob. It is going to be very difficult for some families. I saw a dad the other day, when I was up at James Cook again and he was saying, they are leaving at one thirty, I think he said, they live further up north. I thought, bloody hell, 1.30am. I t reminded me of that day when I was at Hartlepool with Plymouth fans. They were behind a gate asking for my autograph. I said bloody hell, you've done well lads. What time did you set off, about 6 o'clock this morning? The young lad said 2am. From Plymouth.

I think we're the same tomorrow, there is no thought whatsoever about our fans with the kick off is there Rob?

Q: No.
... none whatsoever. Which you don't expect. Fans are always at the bottom of the list, aren't they, when they're looked after?

Q: I'm setting off this afternoon actually and stopping...
You will be in a 4 star hotel over night, having a meal and a glass of wine, won't you?

Q: At least a 4 star.
Exactly. That's a little bit different.

Q: The last couple of away games against Hull and Forest, would you say finishing chances was the big difference? We have to start taking them opportunities would you say?

Yes, it's difficult because you can't tell people like Sporar. If you want a striker to have opportunities that he had you want them to fall to him. But I said to him just concentrate on hitting the target. The power and everything will come. Whereas at Hull he tried to bust the net. He doesn't have to bust the net if he gets it on target the goals... So, that's what I have been insisting on, try and hit the target, make the keeper save, rather than blasting it over the top.
I can't remember how many we had over the top the other night. We had 20 odd shots, didn't we?
It was a frustrating night regarding chances.

Q: Do you think that then, hit the target and goals will follow?

Well, it is something at every level. Schoolboy level, that is what you have got to teach the kids, hit the target. Don't try anything else. And also when you are coming in the coaching advice is to aim for the far post. Cos the goalie can always palm it out and things like that.

The thing that really does my head in at any level when I see people shooting it hits the side netting, near post. That is the one thing that is the biggest sin in football, for me.

So, we have just got to try and get the basics and finish one or two of the chances.

Thanks very much I am just off to take my lateral flow test now to get in to the match in Wales.