Your Boro Fact (s)

Bryan 'Taffy' Orritt became our 1st used sub when replacing injured Neville Chapman
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My fave fact I was told as a kid, ayresome had the same turf as wembley ( from the same area)

It was a great pitch mind
Goalkepper Tim 'Tiny' Williamson 1902-1923 is our only keeper to score 2 goals in a competative game, when converting 2 penalties, both at AP against Liverpool & Bristol City
Goalkepper Tim 'Tiny' Williamson 1902-1923 became the 1st England keeper to score an OG, which was at Ayresome Park for England v Wales

stacks on here as I’ve just checked and we did it on here in March . No prizes for guessing who did a tsunami of them 😎
We used to be the only team in the league with 13 letters in our name (not sure if that’s still the case, there may be others now with promotion from conference bringing new clubs into the league)
Wolves is 13 letters but doesn’t count because they’re also wanderers
The Boro fan who had the food kiosk at the holgate end invented the microwave but didn't tell anyone.
I dont know how else you could get warm pastry and a filling hotter than Lava.
1st away team to play at St Andrews ground 1906 & the 1st time we played them as Birmingham City, we lost 7-0 & the ball is on display at City's ground
Wolves is 13 letters but doesn’t count because they’re also wanderers
I'll throw Crystal Palace into the 13 letter game as well.

Back on topic, Gazza is still the only Boro player to eat his lunch after training whilst completely naked (yes, in the canteen)