YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

They same to be ramping up for one though. The "military spending" con trick, the Madagascar plan stuff. And locally to me someone has set up a website to spread baseless rumours about our lib dem MP that smacks of Tory
Adrian Chiles and his guests talking on R5 Live now about this ramping up. Defence spending promises made knowing he will never have to write the cheque.
Whilst I hope that it is true I have my massive doubts. I can’t see what he gains by calling an election now unless that job in the States has come up earlier than he thought.
Perhaps he's just had enough. He's minted, he's been PM and he's nailed on to lose the general election. He's not exactly driven by a vision of a better society. Might as well get it over with and move on.
He hasn't got the balls alas. If he had, we'd have a Labour Government in a month. He'll be replaced by the summer's end - another 1922 Committee saga where they dominate the airwaves for weeks.

I agree, unless there's a reason. Perhaps a certain number of letters.
If he calls it, it must be because he thinks getting the Rwanda bill passed is a massive success.

These people are in such bubbles and under so much pressure they are incapable of perspective and reasoned thinking.
It's such a depressing scheme, can't understand how anyone supports it.

They've actually paid the man to be deported just so they can claim the plan is underway and working.
We will get middle england brits wanting to know why we are paying for jollies for the brown people.
£3000 to go to Rwanda as a gimmick.

Get p*ssed, see the sights, come back to the UK. Well thought through plan 😘
If they are giving him £3k, what's stopping him getting a train to Kenya, a flight to France and then back on a boat to Dover?
Not to be picky but the fact Rwanda doesn't yet have a working trail network might. But, I imagine e 3k will easily get you a taxi to Kampala and a flight back to Europe from there
Wait till the Brexiters see this little graphic. When movement is cheap and easy - let's call it freedom of movement - people view it as temporary. Make it expensive and hard and people approach it as permanent. They ain't going through all that a second time. I think we are back at the moment to Brexiters admitting Brexit was mostly about immigrants, and their main gripe is about the pressure they put on resources. I'd feel a right charlie right now if I were them.

This might not be a vote winner.
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Rounding up failed asylum seekers yesterday and detaining them ready for their flight to Rwanda felt a bit sickening when I heard it yesterday. There was talk of sending 300 in a plane soon but that 800 Border Force workers were involved. It seems like a massive waste of resources to send so few.

It just doesn’t sit right with me. British values shouldn’t be rounding up foreigners, imprisoning them and sending them off to Africa. I’m not sure it is the vote winner that they claim it will be.

I feel Sunak now waits to see if he can get a flight away and then will check the polling. If the tide turns he will call the GE. I doubt the polls will turn though and as such we will be stuck with November.

The only change in this will be if the Tories get obliterated on the local / mayoral elections and they try and unseat him. He may call one then if he has the balls (he doesn’t). I can imagine them getting shot of him though and then the new leader, in my humble opinion, will have to call one. The pressure from the public and media will be too great not too. Any new leader to rides it out to November will see polls slide further.