Yamal v Ronaldo

Yamal is currently favourite to win Player of the Tournament, just ahead of Rodri in the betting.

Obviously I think Spain would need to win the Euro's for either to be named POTT.

Jude/Saka is likely to be ours, if we win it.

Gakpo or maybe VVD if Netherlands win it.
I think he deserves to win it anyway. He's been consistently good in a team that has played the best football throughout the tournament. I don't think the best player has to come from the winning team.

None of ours deserve to win it, even if we win the tournament. We have only had one good half of football in 5 games and even those two players have had calls to be dropped because they haven't been performing. They are great players but they haven't been playing well.
Didn't realise how **** he actually is.

I see Messi scored yet again for Argentina, this time in a Semi-final of the Copa, to take them to the final.

My goodness. I can't believe people actually debated Messi v Ronaldo.
They only debated it because some people thought a goal hanging fitness freak was somehow better than the most complete attacking player of all time 😉

The baton is passed...

Yes that is Messi holding a baby Lamine Yamal!

Full story here (Ronnie never done that)