Yamal v Ronaldo

Unsure if Ronaldo will start according to my Portuguese mate.

Portugal will probably be better for Ronaldo not starting to be honest but having him as a sub is a dangerous option to have. Despite his age and now being based in Saudi, he still knows where the goal is.
Portugal might do well, they've got a good squad, but I think they'd do better without Ronaldo starting.

Unless they're playing poor teams like Luxembourg and Ireland, then he can still manage it.
Apparently German labour laws mean no one under 18 can work on a Sunday!
Hopefully that'll get sorted out.... unless they're playing England then hopefully it won't!
Didn't realise how **** he actually is.

I see Messi scored yet again for Argentina, this time in a Semi-final of the Copa, to take them to the final.

My goodness. I can't believe people actually debated Messi v Ronaldo.

This pic has turned out to be quite something

Yamal is currently favourite to win Player of the Tournament, just ahead of Rodri in the betting.

Obviously I think Spain would need to win the Euro's for either to be named POTT.

Jude/Saka is likely to be ours, if we win it.

Gakpo or maybe VVD if Netherlands win it.