Worst missed sitter by a Boro player at The Riverside?


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Has there been a worse one than Watmore's tonight?
Someone said to me Andy Campbell rounded the keeper and missed (possibly in a cup game) but I can't remember that one?


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It’s hard to say what was the worst but certainly tonight’s can be classified as a sitter. Harder to get it over the bar in that position.


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I'm sure Ricard had a complete air shot in front of a gaping goal only for Alun Armstrong to spare his blushes at the back post.


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Just watched it on sky tweet. It looks worse the more you watch it. Simply don't know how you could miss😂. He still had a good game and run himself into the ground.

Gestede missed a free header from about 2 yards out.... I'm not sure who it was against (maybe Derby as I'm sure they were in white)

Fletcher at Huddersfield. I know it was away but one of the worst recently.

I think you'd find a few from Britt / Fletcher / Rudy and Hugill.


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Didn't Ravanelli miss pretty much an open goal once? (albeit on his right foot which we know was just for standing on).


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Payero did exactly the right thing. To be honest if I was able to pick who out of the current mob I would want to be presented with that chance it would be DW. I don't think that he's the sort to dwell on it what with everything that has happened to him in his career he has had greater problems than skying a tap-in during a 2-0 home win.

Funny now to look back on it (wouldn't have been quite so funny if Barnsley had scored though)


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Pity the David Currie miss back in the early 80's wasn't on TV, it'd be nice to compare it to last nights. My memory is hazy now, it was so long ago, but I think Curries miss was still probably worse!!