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Boro in Devon

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I have a 2 hour meeting twice a month that is a Deep Dive session.

Mainly its just a thrashing about like everyone is drowning session, but that title isnt as catchy.
Used to have to do Deep Dive Analytics, to be fair it made sense rather than shallow dive "scratch the surface".

When deep dive got to much you moved into "analysis paralysis" when you got into too much detail, that you lost where you were heading to.


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Snowflake is generally a put down to me on young people - who by some are deemed to be on a device all day and emotionally oversensitive. However a major US cloud computing business was happy to call itself Snowflake.

Its interesting how reporters react to Neil Warnock when he calls them "son" (and they are around 40) or "love" to a female reporter. In some circles he would be casticated. Persoanally I think its part of Neil's up bringing and environment and not said to cause any offence.

In the 1980s I remember moving from a Northern Working class environment and been a student to part of a head office of a blue chip company in London and things like this were a mine field for me. I just didn't realise when I put my foot in it and resented any criticism as in my opinion had done nothing wrong. I will give you an example. I was told off for having a meemting with my manager and was not wearing a jacket - to me it was Summer and hot inj the offices so I usually had my jacket off to keep cool (there was no air conditioning). But to him it was a lack of respect if I went into his office without a jacket on.


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Like most things, it started that way, but its used so much now, if it were just The Office, every person on the planet must have watched it.
Why? Does every person on the planet say it?
I'll file it with 'The world is your lobster' as a phrase people deliberately say incorrectly.