Why do I think we will beat Ipswich tomorrow?

Howson and O’Brien v (Ex players Morsy and Luongo). That’s how we win unless Dieng gives it to Chaplin! :eek:
Hang on a minute.... I opened this thread looking forward to an in depth analysis of why allied assault thought we would beat Ipswich. Turns out it's cos he's mad.

We can do better than this lads.

I would have settled for they have only beat us twice in 10 years at their gaff. Or we have only lost 1 of our last 5 away games. Or we are 4.5 to win today and those odds are too high.

BTW. I think a draw today, unfortunately. I know mad isn't it.
I'll be satisfied with any result today.

Boro win or draw, good stuff, unbeaten run continues.

Ipswich win and they go top of the table and stay clear of Leeds.
We are on a good run, should have beat Hull without bad mistakes gifting them goals, Ipswich unfortunately I think have peaked and are in decline, the injury to their loan striker came at the wrong time. Once again we will be relaxed and playing open football on the break. I can’t see anything other than a Boro win.
Yes I think we can beat Ipswich. We can beat anyone in this league while playing like we are now, unfortunately our fate doesn’t lie totally in our own hands.
I listened to the Boro breakdown assessment of Ipswich with an Ipswich fan on.
Even he is nervous about their form and has no idea what to expect.
He mentioned that the 1st goal is critical and whoever scores it goes on to win quite probably but definitely if it’s Ipswich and the crowd behind them would relax.
The longer it’s 0-0 the more tension builds for them and we can take advantage but today is a fascinating match up.
I want revenge for their win at the riverside where they were flying and caught us in a vulnerable moment so let’s balance this up sirs.

Can Ipswich cope with the pressure and that they are slightly out of form or not firing on all cylinders like a couple of months back.

Boro have faint playoff chances and we could also potentially see a team with one flip flop on thinking a little bit about the beach….
I sincerely hope not (!!!!) because we will have a packed away end desperately looking for them to entertain us and give us what we should expect - a win or a draw at worst given we are full of belief and Ipswich have a certain vulnerability about them so we need to go for the throat.
And don’t let go until no sign of life can be detected.

Come on you mighty reds. Make us proud by 5.15 tonight.
The Ipswich v Boro fixture only ever conjures up terrible memories of our complete and utter destruction at the hands of Dalian Atkinson (RIP)