Why are sky obsessed with bielsa


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Think it's more that he happens to be at Leeds. They wouldn't be making half the amount of fuss about him if he was at West Brom or Sheff Utd. Sky have an inexplicable crush on Leeds and it can be quite nauseating.


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Absolutely hilarious and ludicrous that he was one of the final 3 candidates for FIFA's manager of the year award.

- Klopp, a manager who won the Premier League.
- Flick, a manager who won the Bundesliga, the DFB-Pokal and the Champions League
- Bielsa, a manager who got a team promoted from the second division at the second time of asking, breaking no records and losing plenty.


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Sky and Talkshite are obsessed with them. They all drool over 'Bielsa ball' yet only just now mentioning they can't defend for sh*t.

He's been very nieve if he thinks they can go toe to toe with the prem big guns. He's openly said he won't change his style.

I'm sure if they keep shipping goals fans will get a little upset by his single mindedness


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It’s quite simply because he plays attacking football, and it has brought about some success. It’s all a lot of people care about. Efficiency, pragmatism and sustainability don’t bring in the armchair viewers I guess.
Nah the Leeds love in was always going to happen. Same with the Geordies sky love to hype them up.


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Because it’s trendy to do so, some thinking acknowledging that he is some sort of tactical genius makes them appear more worldly wise about football.

His style off football doesn’t work and isn’t sustainable, it wrecks footballers over a season and will shown if this PL season goes the course.

I don’t think they would have been promoted as easily as they were last season if it wasn’t for the lockdown break aiding player recovery.

Kevin Keegan tried to play expansive football that was wide open at the back, he’s hardly a tactical genius.

Would love Leeds to implode but there is just to much dross in the PL sadly.