Who puts the bins out

Who puts the bins out?

  • Me

  • The Missus

  • The kids

  • The butler

  • Somebody else

  • Nobody in particular, it's a shared job

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Many years ago my brother drove past Alan Shearer's house and saw him putting the bins out.

I have no idea why he told me this nor why I remember him telling me it.

I assume 99% of us here are men so the question is directed at us.
He's more down to earth than David Beckham then. I was driving past his house once and he looked like he had a cleaner to take out the bins.

As for us: I always do it. Weve recently moved and the new place doesn't have a bin chute so the bins are quite a trek away.


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Whoever remembers , usually the Mrs. Bringing them in used to be whoever got home from work first, though as none of us leave the house these days they can sit there for a couple of days until we remember!