Who has the tougher run in ?


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Yeah. We’re at the point of the season where some of our fans start to put a lot of faith in other teams to get brilliant results, when they’ve been as bad as us all season.

I think we’ll be safe with one more win regardless of what happens to Wigan and the Owls (and I think we’ll get one more). But I reckon they’re both getting stung as well.

I’m honestly not worried about relegation after Thursday, as much as yesterday was terrible. It isn’t good if the players are thinking the same.


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Form is out of the window for me. Away teams seem to have an advantage perversely.

its all about attitude and focus on the day. Some teams are on the beach others like Reading are beating teams at the bottom. They did us a favour this week beating both Luton and Charlton and taking 2 points off Huddersfield. We have them next.


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But that gives both sides a life line surely as hull prob won’t win another game but they may draw another whereas Luton prob will win another.

Blackburn last day they were on the beach weeks ago. Losing Wigan and Barnsley though a credible draw yesterday.


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I think Luton have the easiest run in especially if they beat hull
Again I would say that they have probably had the easiest run in since we restarted and yet they got just 1 point against Reading and Barnsley at home. I find it almost impossible to say what are the “easy” and what are the “difficult” games.


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Boro must win at Reading I think. Our home form is shocking so I don't expect anything. Going to Sheffield Wednesday needing to win would be squeaky bum time.