Where are you going on holiday this summer?

Coming over to spend a week near Bakewell and then a couple of days near Whitby at the end of July. Looking forward to cooling down and sleeping properly - Jaén is horrible at that time of year.

Also going to Rome for a long weekend in 2 weeks time
We opted not to go abroad this year as didn’t fancy taking a 1 year old.

We’ve booked a 5 night stay in centre Parcs after the summer school holidays to keep the price down. Easy win with the bairn as she loves the swimming baths already, so we’ll take her swimming each day.

Next year we’ve booked up for Nerja in Costa Del Sol. Taking the in laws for some free child care, mind! 😄
I spent a week in Spain in March, it was meant to be 3 weeks, but I still have a problem with my knee so can't do extended walks on the Camino at the moment, still it was a very worthwhile trip I stayed for a few days in Cuenca for the first time, which is a must visit again for me, then a couple of days in Vigo which I realised is the place for me if I ever move to Spain, I never had that certainty before.
Normally I have 2 or 3 big trips to Spain a year planned but because I am trying to to change jobs I have left it open, but if I sort my knee(s) out then next year I will walk the Camino Frances in January and February which is the months I most wanted to walk it in for a while.
I might try and get a handful of extended weekend visits to Spain by the end of the year but I don't care where just if cheap plane offers come up, but I would love to get to Llanes in Asturias for an extended weekend in July or August
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Crete...1 week..end of June. Been a long time since we've been abroad....so looking forward to disappearing from the world for 7 whole days
Flying to Lisbon on Wednesday. Few days there then a Douro river cruise ending with a couple of days in Porto.
Rugby world cup for me too (long weekend).

Week in Sweden at the end of the month for midsummer and Springsteen.

Probably fit a city break in somewhere. Maybe Frankfurt for the NFL.

July/August mostly at home, hopefully making best of new BBQ and pizza oven 👍
Having a week back in Stokesley in June, and hopefully a trip to Dusseldorf towards the end of the year for the football. I'm not one for lying on a beach.
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Just arrived today in lindos in Rhodes for a week then off to the lakes and then the big one to Costa Rica in July . Possibly Thailand in October if I can squeeze the hokidays.
Had 4 fantastic days in Rome last week with the Mrs and have a family fortnight in Turkey to look forward to in August.
I’m going to go for a week or two in the lakes at some stage, three young children would be a tad too much just now to go abroad!