What you doing tonight


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Was going to start a thread along these lines
After a lovely Sunday lunch and perhaps a little too much red wine me and the Mrs are having a loviest song off, I am winning so far with



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I’m dreading it being that way, especially as my missus is broody again and is determined we’re having 3 at least. Man marking will be going out the window too
Jostler - Dip their dodie's in whisky. The mother in law swore by this and our kids all slept.

In fact, I might try it myself tonight and see if I can get past 3am without wanting a pee. :ROFLMAO:
Sunday is my day off if I'm not on call or doing a change.
Went to Yarm, a walk along the riverbank and high street, grabbed some veg from Sainsburys
Made a roast chicken Sunday dinner, then cleaned up.

Watched the boxing from last night on YouTube, also highlights of some Football and NFL games.
Now drinking a few glasses of wine & watching the NYJ .vs. MIA