What is the roughest pub you have ever been to?


A place in Glasgow whose name i can't remember. Bars on the windows, formica tables. Asked for a pint of mcewans and was told "you can have a can or fck off". Only went in because my wife and I were both absolutely bursting for a pee. Got 2 cans, took it in turns to use the bogs which made the one in trainspotting look like the savoy, came back took a swig and left. Our order consisted of more drinks than the regulars seemed to posess teeth between them


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A bar in little Italy, new York, 1987.
Walked in place was empty.
Big bloke appeared behind the bar and just stared at us.
Then I noticed through a slightly open door in the far corner, a card game going in a separate room.
We managed to get a couple of beers off the bloke, who still did not speak.
Definitely the wrong place at the wrong time.
We did not stay long.


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This is going to be a long thread, I'm knacked having worked from 7 this morning till about 10 mins ago, so I'll reply tomorrow :)


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The Aggie in BIllingham...
Wiped my feet on the way out and needed disinfected when I got home.

rough didn’t cover it


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Three horseshoes in Gilesgate, Durham, everyone stared at me and my mate who went in looking for a local after we moved in to a student house nearby, one quick pint and ****ed off, if we hadn’t both been semi local from Teesside I’m sure we’d have been strung up for being students, very them and us in that city at the time


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Brads Bar in Stockton. Walked in with my mates, they went to the bar and I went to the toilets. Went to wash my hands in the sink.. but it was full of blood. Went to use another sink and that too was full of blood. As I came out of the bogs my mates were walking out saying ‘it’s rough as f**k in here’ - not sure what went on.. but it must have been worse than two sinks full of blood.


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Somewhere in Dunfermline... me and another English lad had snuck off from a wedding reception. Can’t remember it’s name. Had a pool table and a clientele with a distaste for softies from south of the border 😬