Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was...


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You could see that coming from day one. No deal will benefit the rich, so play along for a few months then *bang* turn it all around and blame the EU for being unreasonable, can't get deal sorted and deadline slips. Tory backers / cronies / MPs get very rich. Gullible gammons lap it up, hail President Johnson as the UK Saviour.......


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This is the beauty of democracy.
Those that voted to leave the EU in the referendum did so on the basis of a deal

Not one single person voted on the basis of no deal.

So, we head for an ‘Australia’ type deal.
We could also call it a ‘Sierra Leone’ type deal - they are one and the same in terms of outcome for us.


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Oh how easy it is to manipulate well reasoned individuals into a pie in the sky scheme that is Brexit....And now, this afternoon, hes blaming the EU again for not giving us what we want.....A man whos lied his whole life, everybody knows hes a compulsive liar and yet still go along with this bag of sh ite that hes sold to the leavers...what this lot have done already to our country over the last decade is criminal with a lot more pain to come....yea,well done tory boys and girls...🤡


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I'm confused. The likes of Boromike confidently assured us "no deal" was just a negotiating tactic and there was no chance we'd actually go through with it.

That's why it was apparently so important it was kept on the table despite those traitorous unpatriotic MPs trying to remove it as an option. Erm..... so what happened? EU should've folded like a pack of cards by now shouldn't they? 🤔


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It is heartbreaking.
A lot of us knew no-deal would always be the outcome. The ERG slaughtered May and brought her down but why did they suddenly come onside for Johnson? it was so obvious. I am in favour of long term prison sentences for those in public office who spew scandalous lies and spread mis-information. The Brexit debate was a disgrace to this country and based on lies and shameless mis-information. But those of perpetrated it stand to gain the most.
The direct Russian influence over our government, from top to bottom, must be addressed. Money given to political parties must be thoroughly scrutinised and made totally public. Putin has pulled the strings over here and in Washington because of greed - they have Billions to throw around and good old conservative politicians just love to hoover that up. Added to all of this is the fact that, essentially, Russia is a mafia state. Once they have you in their pocket, its not just money you have to worry about.

In 10 years will will hear how Trump was comprised, probably after the pig is dead. We will hear how the UK government, UK media, brexit party and particularly the Tory party were compromised but just like with the Iraq war, nobody will be held accountable.All too late.