Well Done Owls’ Fans

It's amazing how different fans of both Sheffield clubs are, Wednesday travel in decent numbers are generally sound but the blades generally think they are the bee's knees but are no better than us for away numbers and they have a little chip on their shoulder, can't even beat us at that we chips on both shoulders😉.
yeah they sounded loud throughout the game, they always seem to turn up in decent numbers and make a racket even going back to the Ayresome Park days
Really? I like sheff wed, proper club with proper fans. Great following but like most other clubs who bring a decent following, where quiet for most of the match. Loud for the first 5 mins then a 10 minute spell in the second half. Other than that, couldn’t hear them (and the atmosphere was terrible today).
Their team gave them nothing to shout about, Marvin Johnson didn't get over the half way line. With a bit more ambition to get forward they could have given us a game....
Poor tactics from their manager 😕
Good support from Wednesday fans 👍
I thought they picked it up after our second goal, more in defiance of their team than in support.

Their fans did deserve better than that, and better than their current ownership.

They're a club I quite like, and I hope they stay up if only for the good away day and decent atmosphere when they come to town.
Great following. I have a mate who is a big Wednesday fan, and I’ve always thought well of them anyway.

One of the only non-Boro saves on Footy Manager over the years!
They did all they could to support their team today.

23 Boro chances to their 6 chances shows our dominance.
I haven't got a soft spot for many clubs but Sheff Wed are an excecption. Was great to see a lot of their fans join in with the applause for the young Boro fan who'd passed away, before and during the game.

Hope they stay up. I don't really like seeing big clubs down in League One (although I made an exception when Sunderland got relegated).
Don't mind Sheff Wed, proper club with proper fans.

Would be a shame to see them back in League 1, although it looks very likely that's where they're headed.