We didnt do it right when its handed to us on the spot.


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We've struggled for goals forever.
This 'new' football where you 'shut up shop' and pray for a nicked goal is rubbish.
I blame those bloomin' continentals


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There was
NO rain
NO off putting crowd
NO injury
NO injury time pressure
Jesus couldn’t he of just done what he’s paid to do from 12 yards ? Ok keepers save them but how the hell do you fall over yourself when you’re supposed to be a professional ?


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Mado mentioned (I know he's no expert) that a few players slipped and went to ground. He questioned stud choice.

I can't believe that's the reason. You shouldn't slip in a 5 yard run up. I was suprised Tav was our pen taker but clearly he was confident so fair enough.


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If we cant score from open play.
Cant score from set-pieces
Cant score from penalties

We have a big problem!

It doesnt matter whether the ref was a plank or Tav fluffed it in his carpet slippers.

We had perfectly good chances and opportunities throughout the game - but were unable to take advantage.

Lets not forget that a poor intervention by Coulson gave them the penalty from which they scored their goal [without slipping].

When Neil says "I cant fault their effort - they did their best" - you can almost hear the next sentence coming..."unfortunately some of them are not good enough [but I have no choice but to play them]".

Its only the second defeat, which is astonishing in itself given our predicament - but Neil will be miles ahead of all of us in sorting out a resolution for our inadequacy up front.



I was quite disappointed by our performance today and I thought our subs were very poor.

That said, Norwich are a very good side and came on strong in the second half.

The introduction of Pukki, on for the ineffectual Hugill made them look even better.

It could have been so different if the penalty had stood and the Ref had the 'nads to send Sorrenson off, but that's as maybe.

I'm hoping for a better performance on Wednesday.


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If I remember correctly, the League Cup final ref said he'd seen the double touch, but deemed it not to have affected the outcome of the penalty. I don't know if the rules have changed since then - so maybe the ref isn't allowed to use his own judgement anymore.


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Players do slip, they always have done, usually they get away with it, not today though unfortunately. We do like to water the pitch at the Boro, as those who go will agree. On another day that 'goal' would have counted and nobody would have questioned the decision, or the penalty taker.

Let's beat Derby, I don't want to read posts by the board regulars going back to asking why can't we be like Brentford.🤔