Warnock - best way to get familiar with Championship is to play games


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I don't see how anyone could find it "confusing" tbh.

The best way to get Payero used to the Champo is for him to play Champo matches.

The best way for Boro to accrue points in the short term is to use the team Warno thinks is most ready for matches here and now.

Those are the conflicting but obvious realities the manager has to work around.
Can’t be anymore simple, he isn’t practicing what he claims is the best way of getting experience in the division. There lies the confusion.


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Can’t be anymore simple, he isn’t practicing what he claims is the best way of getting experience in the division. There lies the confusion.

But the reason why is obvious no?

He's the Middlesbrough FC manager. His main objective is doing what he thinks is best for Middlesbrough FC. That takes priority over what might be best for Payero. Eventually whats best for Payero may also be whats best for MFC. Until then he's always going to pick whats best for MFC even if he knows its not whats best for Payero.

The best thing for Connor Malley is to be playing championship matches too. That's obvious isn't it? Whether Warno comes out and says it or not. But nobody would expect him to play week in week out for the rest of the season.


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I tell you what is obvious why say something you believe in and don’t then practice it? And, to date, there has been some selection and positional decisions that have raised eyebrows. I was a big fan of Warnock but since January he has rarely covered himself in glory.


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I think the poster was more making the point that our form since the January window has been poor so this season appears to be continuing the trend.

I agree it is too early to be jumping up and down about it demanding change though, especially with so many new faces, but we need to start to see positive signs of us turning the corner soon.
We needed numbers in January and the players we brought in were a bit of a gamble we might have seen them in a slightly better light had we reached the playoffs. This summer we’ve had a massive turnover in players leaving a fair few go right down to the wire.. these still need to get up to speed and we’re still left with a few holes in the squad. The money just isn’t there.. we’re wheeling and dealing.

Jonny Ingbar

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I think the real reason that Payero hasn't played is because NW doesn't think he can play within the system he wants yet i.e. we play a certain way and the midfielders need to play a certain way too.


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I think that's a little unfair. We've had 1 match since the window actually closed. And I think a lot of the new players look quite good.

Maybe at the end of the season we'll look back and think we'd rather have Assomba and Fletcher than Ikpeazu and Sporar. Who knows?

At the moment I think the squad is better now than it was before the most recent window. We kept all the players I most rate and replaced some of the ones I least rated. But it's obviously subjective and I don't know better than anyone else.
Squads getting better, performances are getting worse. I'm hoping he's just taking time getting to grips with what his best team is, rather than anything more fundamental. Trouble is after Jan there was just too much rotation. Players don't get used to playing with each other or the system when there's constant rotation.


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pulis had nearly double the current wage bill when we made the playoffs and surrendered to Villa.
He left the club with a bigger wage issue than he inherited and signed as badly as Monk.
Let's have no re-write of that little *****' reign.
pulis got 34 points from his last 23 matches, with 15 of them in the last 6.
Until that death rattle, we were in relegation form and had gone out of the Cup disgracefully at Newport.

Warnock has done the job re re-structuring that pulis said he was going to do.

I've no idea how things will turn out this season, but I think 12 new players needs more than 6 matches.
I'm looking forward to the next few matches and to seeing some new players.


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I used to like listening to him talk about the game when he first arrived, but now I'm getting a little bored and his words come across more and more like excuses. If this is how he has always been I've no idea but the reality is we've been garbage since Fulham, really, and he needs to just be honest. Since someone earlier mentioned Payero, I get this niggling feeling he wanted nothing to do with us signing him, and can't imagine him ever giving him enough time to get fully up to scratch with the pace of this league by giving him enough game time while he's is still in charge. God knows what it is doing to the lads confidence sitting on the sidelines, when he arrived people were expecting a gem, the big signing of the Summer .. all that soon went quiet when the rest arrived :ROFLMAO:

That's just one thing though ..

Then there are the refereeing rants I'm getting bored about. Before he arrived I found it kind of amusing, knowing what he is like with referees but his display up to date is just making us look stupid.

We desperately need to win this game tonight.

I don't want fans to turn on him, genuinely like the guy and was glad he arrived and signed on, thought it was the right move. I didn't expect to start this season as badly as we have though, and can't help but feel we're going to lose tonight. Can picture Grabban scoring, almost tempted to whack money down on a Forest victory plus Grabban to score :ROFLMAO: .. We ended last season miserably and nothing appears to have changed.

Honestly felt confident we'd pick up 4 points min the next two games after the break seeing the opposition. Shows what I know.

We need to get on a run and prompto .. hopefully starting tonight. Then we don't have to listen to NW moaning about the same shyte over and over again for a bit. Haha