Warnock - best way to get familiar with Championship is to play games


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He talks a lot of shyte I'm afraid. He always has done, it's not just since he came here. Always on the hunt for a scapegoat too.
Did you see his first few appearances? Completely overran and offered nothing defensively, anyone watching that could see Payero needs a chance to bed in.


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Have to admit I see this as a very odd thing to slate Warnock over. Fair enough the results haven't been up to much so far have a go at that. Although even that I think is being a bit exaggerated.

But I don't think it's unusual to put a young new player in to the team with bit-part appearances to start with. And I don't think it's incompatible to say Payero needs to play Champo games to get used to the division but also to not throw him in for 90 mins every match until that's achieved.

Besides if Payero was starting every game he'd probably have Crooks place in the team, who I thinks had a decent start.

Possibly a bit of confirmation bias IMO.


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Do people read and think, or do they read and scramble to get on here to be the first to have a dig at the manager/club? Of course in theory, the best way for a player to get up to speed is for him to be playing games but in reality, it rarely happens. Look at Payero for example. As Mendieta said above, he clearly didn't look ready in the few appearances he has made, enough so for some of the wally's on here to decide he is not good enough. Imagine Warnock had thrown him straight in from the off, the lynch mob would have had a field day. I think its pretty clear what Warnock meant.


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The words were spoken by Warnock- and taking them literally he isn’t and hasn’t practiced what he says. Surely this is the most confusing aspect?

I don't see how anyone could find it "confusing" tbh.

The best way to get Payero used to the Champo is for him to play Champo matches.

The best way for Boro to accrue points in the short term is to use the team Warno thinks is most ready for matches here and now.

Those are the conflicting but obvious realities the manager has to work around.


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How does January even come in to it?

How many games have we played since the summer transfer window closed?

I think the poster was more making the point that our form since the January window has been poor so this season appears to be continuing the trend.

I agree it is too early to be jumping up and down about it demanding change though, especially with so many new faces, but we need to start to see positive signs of us turning the corner soon.


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But each transfer window seems to make us worse.

I think that's a little unfair. We've had 1 match since the window actually closed. And I think a lot of the new players look quite good.

Maybe at the end of the season we'll look back and think we'd rather have Assomba and Fletcher than Ikpeazu and Sporar. Who knows?

At the moment I think the squad is better now than it was before the most recent window. We kept all the players I most rate and replaced some of the ones I least rated. But it's obviously subjective and I don't know better than anyone else.