Van McCoy

Well straight away I thought what's he on about it was the Hustle.
Then I watched a you tube of the Shuffle.
Now I'm not so sure.
If I had to put my life savings on it I have visions of walking down Clive Rd listening to...The Shuffle.
I'm pretty sure it was The Hustle.
But only after a win.
Defeat meant we walked out to that melancholy car advert one.

Maybe The Shuffle was played after a draw. It is almost a blend of the two 🙂
I dont know about the Hustle but he definitely played the Shuffle before games and the whistly sad one after the match that nobody knows. Not even Bernard himself could remember.

Maybe he also played the hustle at times so the answer is both
I believe it was the shuffle.

Also it now gets played every week as the “last song” long after the crowds have gone (I have to hang back and let the crowds go as my grandad isn’t good on his legs anymore!)
I remember it was the Shuffle. Hated that other track they played the Do da da da de de da one after a home hammering!!!!
Definitely the Hustle remember leaving ayresome park and that playing and the full time results would be announced as they come in
The shuffle was the theme tune to Saturday sport on either radio 2 or 4, right? In the days before radio 5?

Didn't know what it was at the time, but it's the first piece of music I ever remember hearing.
Always thought it was the hustle but after listening to the shuffle no so sure now I’m putting it down to old age 🤣
I always stayed till the final whistle in the early to mid 70s at least ... and I really thought it was a slower tune than the shuffle although the shuffle is prob the one