Unusual or Different Pub Names......

Went to a bar in Aberdeen many years back called Filthy McNasties. 😁 Just googled it and they’ve dropped the Filthy part. Maybe they’ve cleaned it up a tad. 😁
One of my favourite watering holes in Chester is The Cavern of the curious Gnome. Anyone visiting ask for directions as you will never find it, Its hidden upstairs and behind a wine bar,
It amuses me that one of my favourite "pubs" (but to be more accurate is a bar above a bottleshop which also serves meals) is The House of Trembling Madness in York, which basically infers it's a place where a bunch of alcoholics reside who have gone mad after quitting booze cold turkey
There's the Ham & Cheese in Scagglethorpe just off the A64 near Malton. Always amuses me that one when I drive past for some reason.
The Playwright
Shakespeare Street.
It's also the place where Nottingham Forest was formed in 1865.
The beer an food tastes better, mind. (y)