Unofficial units of measurement


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For the recalibration of time see fitters.

Me - "how long will you be?"
Fitter - "half an hour"
Four hours later..........
Me - "Siri play waiting play list..........."🙄


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Some of my favourite words for a small amount:

Smidgen, jot, iota, scintilla, modicum
Iota and jot are the same thing, from the Greek iota subscript used in the dative case for nouns, it was originally the final character (as in oi or ai) but the scribes took to writing it underneath in a much smaller size, so iota subscript was the tiniest letter. It's used in the New Testament (Matthew 5:18, not one jot ... shall disappear from the law) - the jot was the iota subscript.

Fresh from the FMTTM unwritten library of utterly useless information. I thank you.