UK Good news thread


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I thought it would be nice to share good news that can often go missed in the general news (NOT Brexit related).
I'll start it off with a few news items that have been announced lately.

OneWeb moves satellite production to the UK injecting £2.3bn into space sector

Hitachi factory in County Durham lands role in £2bn HS2 train building deal

Norton Motorcycles back in Birmingham after 20 years

AstraZeneca unveils £1bn research lab in Cambridge
Nice try and good news Stu but you are largely flogging a dead horse to the committed doomsayers on here. Don't you know that Brexit stopped all that?


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Great times ahead 👍🏻, then it falls to **** , they ask for money in a way without asking , borrow anything and never return it , they never forget where you live and when the one time you need their help…it won’t happen .


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My boy arrived this lunchtime today! He's a proper bruiser. Pleased as punch.
Congratulations Randy, dont forget to get yourself a copy of todays evening gazette for keep sake

No better feeling than becoming a dad