Travelling from Tier 2 to Tier 1


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Finny - Copy our betters - say to the Police, the Kids need to travel to Lincoln to test their eyesight and ask them to camp in the garden or buy a caravan and put them on your drive. Then you can say they a different household?
I would say if there is any chance to see your kids then do it while you wife and I are in Chicago, the kids are both at university in England. We dropped them at the airport in August and said goodbye having no idea when we would see each other again. They can't come into America unless they spend 14 days in a country not on the US travel ban (that also lets UK nationals in) first so that rules out Christmas. We can't travel home in December for the same reason and even the option of meeting up somewhere like the Bahamas for Christmas is no good as I can't do 2 weeks quarantine on my return because I need to be physically at work as soon as the Christmas break is over.

We are working with some immigration lawyers to try and get them an exemption to come into the US without the 2 weeks elsewhere right now (they'd have to quarantine in the house for full 2 weeks of Christmas but you don't exactly go anywhere in the Chicago winter so that won't be a problem!), if that doesn't work, they'll either need to stay in university digs over the break while we are here without them or my wife will fly home, rent somewhere and then stay in the UK for a while until the travel situation changes.
You’re a good poster 1F whose opinions I have a lot of respect for on many subjects so feel a bit conflicted saying this but sadly you would be breaking the law if your kids stay over or even enter your house for a social visit, these are the situations that the government are saying are contributing to the renewed spread of the virus.

Obviously families want to see each other and spend time together and as much as I understand that desire, I personally feel it would be wrong after I’ve condemned the actions of Cummings and others for making themselves exceptions to say it would be right for you to let your kids stay over.

I might not agree with the rule and think that your kids should be able to visit but it would be hypocritical of me to say it would be the right thing to do if they did.
Breaking the law if your own kids stay over in your own house.

Doesn't anybody see how ridiculous that sounds?

They are your family @1finny , if both parties are happy with the arrangements then crack on. Same advice to those who don't or won't let their kids stay over, as long as your happy, good.

Although I do wonder how many on here would deny their kids a visit if for example the kids were struggling with mental health or having financial issues or just miss their mum and dad.