Tories win local election in Normanby

Reform haven’t put the Tories into power yet, and probably wouldn’t. The LibDems have in relatively recent memory for all the free pass they get on here. So yeah, for me, they belong at the bottom.

Fair point. On reflection, it’s a tricky one for me. Where I live, Labour don’t have much chance so I might have to hold my nose to vote Lib Dem to give it best shot of causing an embarassing Tory upset. I couldn’t ever bring myself to vote Reform though. Tice (with Farage) and co have caused untold damage to our country,mAnd have played their part in dragging this Tory party closer towards the far right, so I think it’s a hard choice between a Lib Dem that enabled this Government’s path to power in the first place, or a party that enabled Brexit. Both can go joint last for me 😂