Tina Turner RIP

Came on the radio over here as breaking news about 2 hours ago - was the top story so shows how much it means.

They mentioned that she never made it huge in the States until she had made it in the UK, Europe and over here & Oz, then the US 'got' her.
What terrible news for me to wake to this morning.
I had the pleasure of spending two days with Tina when I was a crane driver on the Sydney Harbour Bridge
and she was about to be making a commercial for the Australian rugby league.

I offered my hand to her to help her into my crane and as she took hold of it, she was gushing with excitement
at being here. She was non stop asking questions about things like how did I manage to score such a wonderful
job and how much she would like to have such a job.

The crew that she was with was urging her to keep moving to the top of the arch.
She told them to jog on and that she will come when she's ready. They kept going but she sat herself down to chat with me.

After the crew had set up the speakers and equipment she left but would be back on a regular basis.
She didn't want to talk about herself, as much as I tried, she just wanted to know everything about me and how we things operate.

I met many well known people whilst working there but nobody had the charm and sincerity that this little lady had.

I feel honoured to have ever been in her company and I could cry right now with the thought that I once held her hand.

RIP Tina.
You were and always will be special to me and I will never forget those special moments that were to be a highlight of my life.
I‘ll always remember going to a Boro game in the late 80s/early 90s and going through South Bank and seeing a woman with a Tina Turner wig on. Only in Boro!
RIP Tina - Definitely simply the best.
Such sad news. I grew up listening to my parent's vinyl records, The Boss, McClean, and Dylan, my mother was more in the Turner and Houston camp but Tina in particular ... it still gives me goosebumps hearing some of her songs and all sorts of feelings of nostalgia, always will, the great times of that era but ultimately, the talent in that woman. Wow. With the likes of Houston, difficult to separate the two talent-wise but it ain't about that ... we sadly lost Houston too soon in such a terrible ending as we know ..

The Queen of Rock and Roll indeed .... none of these modern internet-age artists will ever eclipse what Tina had, or for me, it is difficult to see happening. Her human side, Heart and Soul in abundance which she gifted to the music world. She was a one-off and one hell of a woman.

Rarely does someone cover a song and better the original but what she did with Tony Joe White's 'Steamy Windows' ... smashed it and I am sure he would admit himself, it was meant to be. ... that song was made for her. The Queen.

May she Rest in Peace. X
Sad news...she taught Jagger how to dance.

Did you know Simply The Best was a Bonnie Tyler cover version?
"The Best"? I did. She didn't write any of her own music like.

I have often wondered though, was the success of her version down to her vocals, or just because they re-wrote the song with a better bridge and hook? It bombed in the US too even after her successful 1984 comeback.

I'm sure we all know Private Dancer was a Mark Knopfler composition.