These 200 Migrant Children that have gone missing

There's a massive difference between someone like Erimus74 and someone who doesn't give a crap about 200 missing kids.

Completely agree. This is part of the problem with people willingly dragging the entire political spectrum further and further to the right. You end up with people that are essentially nazis describing themselves as merely "right wing".
As of July last year we have the crazy situation where anybody with a legitimate claim for asylum cannot enter the U.K. without breaking the law, you arrive with no visa which means entering the country is illegal or you enter the country on a tourist visa which makes applying for asylum illegal.

We have one of lowest intakes on the refugee resettlement scheme and yet somehow are brazen enough to suggest we are doing our share.

The appalling situations and events surrounding these missing children should be a cause of great concern to all, and require no context, they were under Home Office protection whilst their cases are under review, the Government have totally failed in their duty of care and urgently need to revise their treatment of children in this situation to prevent this happening again.
WhiskeyMan thé RWNJ have you hook line and sinker. People risking their lives on those dinghies (believe me I’ve seen them) are not “illegal” they have every right to claim asylum and if when processed they don’t have a case then they can be removed. Until then they are not illegal.
People who can be classed as illegal are those who arrive on Visas and then never leave when the visa runs out. Of course that’s not very headline grabbing for said RWNJ’s!!