These 200 Migrant Children that have gone missing

The thing is soundbites like this from Gullis are all just to pander to the racist knuckledraggers to try and secure their votes.

Simon Clarke did something similar on Facebook this week with a post about 'tackling the scourge of illegal immigration' along with a picture of him looking like a fanboy sat alongside Braverman. The comments on the post were all classic say your racist without saying your racist types.

The crazy thing is they are doing such a poor job of controlling immigration that even the racists may end up desserting them!
Its just a reflection on the current right wing domination of the country - full of vile and disgusting human beings

5 years ago he would have been speared for saying something like that, it's just par for the course now to obsess over
immigrants, it started years ago with fucknut brexiteers and their spokemen like farage blaming immigrants and immgration on
all the issues in the country and it's continued on past brexit as we can't use the EU anymore as the daily scapegoats in the media

Just imagine if you had been born in one of these tosspot countries and you tried to flee to another country for a better
life and your kids got kidnapped - you would be murderous, i would - thats the problem with right wingers, they have been
brainwashed to such an extent about how immigrants are preventing them from being millionaires

The tories don't want immigration to stop, as long as it continues they always have an enemy they can use to justify
the economy, lack of jobs ec etc