The weekend beer and music thread!

It would probably have been quicker and easier just to buy yourself a new pair of ears. I could've got them for you, for a really good price. I know a bloke who knows a bloke who knows a bloke and he owes me a few favours.
I best you bl**dy do, what about knees mate - mine are just about done after 63 & a bit years and a fair bit of high mileage running and the like - not sure there'd be a decent trade in value mind!
A lovely pint of 'Chocco' Porter in the pub tonight. No idea who makes it, wish I'd taken a pic of the pump. Sat in the beer garden too, bonus

And just because it was on the BBC's best albums of 1994, NY State of Mind by Nas from Illmatic . Until today the album has passed me by, but what a great album. Of its time but I'm gonna love this all over again when the suns out this summer

And cos this was next up on my playlist ... I've been a bit besotted with this for a good old while

Seventeen by SVE is one of my favourite songs
It's been a long long week for me, ending with yesterday a planning committee that lasted from 10:45 to 16:30, including a site visit, I'm vice chair of planning, and I've not known a planning meeting last all day- see todays Teesside Live for a part report. Then back to the paid day job and a 4;30am start this morning and a drive to Edinburgh for a 10am tip (44t Artic) got back at 5pm. Wife is on a fitness drive so I joined her on a 5mile walk, as we were out and passing we had a parmo and a pint or two of Moretti :ROFLMAO: at Marton Bistro at the shops; It was spot on! was planning Jolsha, but the bistro looked busy. I've now got a glass of cheap red before I collapse.

On my trip out in my truck I was listening to James Obrien radio show on LBC, he had a very entertaining hour about guys thinking that they have a right to tell girls how to do things, even when the girls are better qualified and experienced than them, it reminded me of this classic.

I guess you really have to listen to the words to understand.