The weekend beer and music thread

I got a cocktail recipe sent from Burning Barn Rum and have been having a go at mixing it with the wife. The recipe was 5ml of rhubarb syrup, 20ml of rum and 60 ml of ginger ale.

We have upped the measures because you couldn't taste the rum or rhubarb. We have gone to a double shot of rum (and one for luck), 10ml of rhubarb and kept the ginger ale the same. This is our third go at mixing it until we've found our taste, and on top of my Elvis Juice, I do feel a little tipsy after our mixology and the local news hasn't finished. 🤣 🤣 🤣

We have to cook the evening meal yet.
Mixing it with the wife 🤦🏻

Have you learned nothing Norman, before its too late, apologise, say you bumped your head on the door, have a headache, take 2 paracetemol for effect and go to bed. With any luck, she will just be perplexed and you will live another day at least…… now go, time is of the essence 😱
Afternoon folks, thank God it's Friday... been one of those sort of weeks! Anyhow, with the football being absent I'll get straight down to business and here is a very canny tipple if you like your porters which I do of course. I would definitely recommend you give it a try if you haven't before.

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One of my favourite local pints,from Burslem Stoke on Trent.
Been given a few bottles of this "Cranborne Chase The Smuggler" to try...very nice I must say - a dry thirst quencher that would be fab for a summers day.
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Have some Gomez - Whippin' Piccadilly

fantastic! I live on cranborne chase, and know the lad who makes it (and his dad). they used to hold annual punk festivals on their farm, even got 'the damned' there once. its a small world.