The Suez crisis toppled the British Empire. The pandemic will bring down the USA


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Nearly 3.3 million people registered to claim unemployment benefits for the week ended 21 March 2020, according to Department of Labor data USA.

The previous record was set in 1982, when unemployment claims hit 695,000.
I would come home to the UK if I thought we were in any better a position to look after people. Unfortunately I don't think we are :(
We were just talking last night about whether we'd have preferred to have been in the US or the UK at this time. I didn't have a great experience of the US healthcare system, despite having very good insurance, and being couped in a city center apartment would have been a killer !


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Without reading the initial article I feel bound to point out that the British Empire was in its death throws before Suez. Suez I suppose is a convenient marker for when the British realised that we were no longer an imperial power. Also it shouldn't be underestimated the extent to which the USA kicked the stool from beneath our feet post WW2.


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Worth watching at least the first 10 minutes of this video from John Oliver on Tonight a couple of weeks ago and it no better highlights the imbalance in healthcare provision and the efforts of Sanders amongst Democrats to do something about it. Alas I fear it is far too late to save what is about to engulf the USA in the next few weeks.