The Haunted Generation... radio show for 1970s kids

I've seen a couple of nice comments about my old radio stuff here recently*, which has been really nice - cheers. So I thought I'd shamelessly plug this, if anyone is interested? I write a lot about weird 1970s childhood stuff these days, so I've put together a couple of online radio shows filled with strange music from Play Away and Play School albums, BBC Radiophonic Workshop tracks, school assembly hymns and groovy library music. With all my usual ramblings inbetween. They're here... hope they brighten up someone's day, anyway.

(*Cue instant "you were crap, mate" comment, which would be fair enough)


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I'll give it a listen. In other news I'll be in Middlesbrough last week of the month if you fancy catching up over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.


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I will definitely give it a listen.

"It really doesn't matter if it's raining or its fine, just as long as you're got time to P L A Y, playaway-way playaway away-way, playaway"