The best sound of a goal


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Ravanelli scoring at the Coca Cup final sounded magical.

Also JFH free kick against Man City,


Jonny Ingbar

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The two early goals in the league Cup final, pure hysteria, an outpouring of relief, joy and a feeling of it being our moment.


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The collective sense of anticipation between the ball leaving Massimo’s head and hitting the net against Steaua, and then the absolutely insane 4 or 5 seconds of intense high-pitched hysteria that followed it.

The Ruthsayer

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For actually hearing the boot hit the ball it has to be Rav’s at Derby that meant we were on our way to the first FA Cup semi. Was right behind that shot.


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Massimos winner against Steaua the greatest Boro moment of my lifetime bizarrely even eclipsing the final whistle at the Millennium.